About Rudy Rack


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In 1991, Dick “Rudy” Ruedebusch recognized bike retailers’ need for quality, versatile display and storage systems. The bicycle industry was growing fast; enthusiasts became more savvy and selective in their choice of rides and gear. Big-box store bike departments saw the emergence of countless specialty bike shops providing greater selection and expert service and repair.

Dick founded Rudy Rack in his garage in central Wisconsin, building bike storage racks for consumers, and soon shifted his focus to display fixtures exclusively for the bike retail industry. A few years later, Dick sold the business to a family friend, Don Rasmussen, who is still part owner today. The other owners are Jeff Rasmussen, Kelli O’Neil, Staci Rasmussen, and Don Rasmussen. From our founder’s garage shop twenty years ago, Rudy Rack has grown — and outgrown — manufacturing locations along the way. In December 2010, Rudy Rack moved to an incredibly spacious facility in Stevens Point, WI, and we are still expanding. Here, our sales and service staff, metal workers, welders and shippers serve customers coast to coast, and around the globe.

At Rudy Rack we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service. Our team listens to the diverse needs of each retailer in order to respond with the best suited display and storage systems. We continuously strive to revolutionize the bicycle display industry, one customer at a time.

We understand that every bicycle retailer has distinct display and storage needs based on available floor space, ceiling heights, product dimensions and more. Our revolutionary solutions respond to these unique needs so your customers can interact with your products in creative, yet efficient ways.

We provide innovative and efficient storage systems including high-density, stacked vertical racks, freestanding feature fixtures and innovative space-saving displays that are easy to assemble, cost effective and versatile. Rudy Rack display systems are expertly hand-welded and hand-manufactured in durable steel and are proudly built in the USA.

Let’s ride together! Rudy Racks can be found in all 50 states, all Canadian provinces and in over 40 countries worldwide. We are grateful for our loyal customers.